Amazon Alexa


Show college students that Alexa can fit seamlessly into their lives.

"Alexa Cove"
Digital Campaign


In 2019 Alexa was wildly popular with all demographics except one— the elusive college student demo.

We wanted to prove to college students that Alexa could be just as helpful to them as it is to their parents. 17MM of the 19MM college students in the US are on Snapchat, so we decided to create a campaign that met them where they were. We created a (fake) Snapchat series that fit seamlessly into the Snap content they already loved on the platform.

Alexa Cove was a Snapchat show that we didn’t really make (or did we?) featuring Amazon Alexa as one of five college roommates living in a house together. Comprised of quick 10-second episodes, we named the show "Alexa Cove."

The entire first season (in under two minutes).

We also worked with Snapchat to create the world's first lens to be powered by a voice assistant.

Users could give two real-world Alexa commands, each triggering a lens experience. Our partners at Snapchat pushed the limits on both functionality, and K-weight to create this unique lens concept.

"If we've done this well, none of this will feel familiar or comfortable to any of us."

This was the first line in our presentation of the concept to senior leadership, reminding everyone in the room that this is a campaign geared for college students (not ourselves).


Post-campaign metrics showed that this lens crushed benchmarks. Average range of customer lens play at this time was 12- 25 seconds. Our lens average play time was 48.5 seconds, which was off the charts.

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Co-Creative Director: Keri Zierler

Art Director: Kaleigh Concannon

Copywriter: Regina Aletto

Producer: Heath Ward

Production Co: Alpen Pictures

Directors: Hannah & Adriana

Editors: Scott Manley & Martin Cramer

VFX: Joshua Van Wyhe

Color: Kevin Adams

Creative Lead @ Snapchat: Erik Harte