Cook With Alexa


Create a roadmap for Alexa to become a true sous chef in our kitchens.

Proof of Concept


I had an idea in 2018, and led a scrappy team of product managers and filmmakers to turn that idea into a proof of concept which we presented up to the most senior leadership at Amazon.  Since 2018 this proof of concept has served as the north star for several advancements in Alexa's ability to be truly helpful in the customer's kitchen. The making of this video relied heavily on the collaborative and energetic spirit of a small group of creators within Amazon's 'D1' team.

All the feedback we received from senior leadership was positive, except for one strong opinion from an SVP that Malbec would NOT pair well with Vietnamese Noodles with Lemongrass Beef.


To get this across the line I worked closely with leaders from the Alexa org, the Amazon Fresh org and Whole Foods org— as well as a team of filmmakers. This video and corresponding strategy doc heavily influenced many of the cooking features now available on screened Echo devices.

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Director / Editor: Ethan Erickson

Producer: Ruthann Lopez

Food Stylist: Bridget Meyer