Create a video educating about 'bioregions' on a $1500 budget.

"Start Here"
Fundraiser Video


This was a pro-bono campaign for EcoTrust in Portland OR. My “client” for the project was Dan Wieden, who is a board member of EcoTrust. The objective was to educate viewers that 'bioregions' are much more organic and fluid than political borders. We decided to demonstrate this by capitalizing on the organic tendency for paper to absorb liquid.

We spent a weekend creating a stop-motion video, compiled from multiple cameras set at multiple angles and focal distances. Special apparatus' were created to slowly release organic dyes, into miniature paper worlds. When sped up in post these colorful shapes appeared to travel quickly through our tiny topographies.

We had several 'dyed' paper topographies left over after the production.


We sold the paper topographies at auction, with all proceeds being donated back to EcoTrust. The budget was $1,500 — the artwork raised over $20,000.

The Team

Art Director: Andrew Wilcox

Copywriter: Tyler Whisnand