Amazon Halo


Demonstrate all the new features of Amazon Halo with one visual device.

"Understand Your Health"
Brand Launch


We landed on a circular stage as our storytelling device to connect to the circle shape that was dominant in the app UX design that was being built in parallel to our launch video. We realized that a rotating circular stage would simplify the number of elements needed to effectively communicate our features. And there were so many features...

Using computer vision and machine learning, Amazon Halo helps you better understand your own body, so that you can more effectively build healthier habits for life. A true disruptor brand, Halo includes common tools like activity and sleep tracking. But it also introduced a few new-to-world features like tone analysis and body composition analysis. These were new concepts that needed some clear (yet engaging) education.

Our small team worked double-speed to create a launch video for our approaching announce date of August 2020. The biggest challenge was to visualize and demonstrate a product (and app) that was still being built in real-time by our engineering and UX partners. Constant communication with a healthy dose of grace was the key to success.

Working with our animation partners at BUCK, we created this launch video very quickly and with a frugal budget. The result was disseminated by our PR team and featured on the Amazon Halo product detail page. Cut-downs were also created for use in social.

Without the incredible team of makers involved in this launch, we would not have been able to fly this particular plane while flying it.


Despite a global pandemic, material shortages, and a 10-year head start by the competition— The Halo brand was successfully launched and now boasts thousands of members, quickly on it's way to surpass 1M.

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Co-Creative Director: Keri Zierler

Producer: Molly Woodruff

Animation partner: BUCK

Director: Joe Mullen

Art Director: Casey Latiolas

Music: Grayson Matthews

Audio: HEARby