Target has a solution for any challenge, no matter how obscure.

Broadcast / Digi Video


At the time Target was THE retailer that had everything you could possibly need. But more than that, our objective was show that Target understood WHY our customers needed to buy things— because life happens.

To demonstrate the breadth of Target's inventory, we rode the familiar "problem/solution" formula to the ground, and racked up some serious frequent flier miles in the production. If we could communicate that Target had anything a customer needs, then we were meeting our objective. If we could get customers to laugh while while we met our objective, then everyone wins.

A true agency-wide effort, there were over 100 of these "Everyday" spots created by multiple teams for Target, all :15s.


Proof that simple works, this concept could have yielded thousands of spots without suffering 'wear in.' By keeping all videos to 15-seconds we were able to run them individually, or pod them to run two within a 30-second spot. Target showed customers that they had everything they needed, and they demonstrated that they understood WHY customers came to their stores in the first place.

The Team

Art Director: Andrew Wilcox

Copywriter: Jess Price

Director: Aaron Ruell