Position Arconic as the future leader in material engineering.

"The Future Takes Shape"
Brand Launch


For this launch to earn the attention it needed, we wanted to do something bold.

With a history of innovations going as far back as the Wright Brother's Flyer and as recent as Tesla cars and SpaceX rockets, we wanted to position Arconic (engineering spinoff of ALCOA) as a company that creates products of the future.

To bring our strategy to life, we re-imagined what the cartoon The Jetsons would look like in 2062, a century after its original TV debut. We collaborated with the company's top engineers, the world's most respected futurists, and concept artists and storytellers— including the director Justin Lin— to bring this idea to life. This launch video maintained the entire original score and SFX of the original Jetsons intro.

In addition to the main launch video, we created additional videos that dove deep into different industries of the future, including space exploration, automotive transportation, air travel and cityscapes.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime to have access to the world's foremost futurists, to ask them any and all questions we had about what we can expect in the not-to-distant future.

Like any big production, our work started with artist renderings of the future, based on guidance from our futurists and engineers.


Most of these assets contributed to a highly immersive micro-site that launched on the same day as the brand. We had to pay extra to the cloud service hosting the site to keep it from crashing from the number of visits on the first week of launch.

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Co-Creative Director: Sam Mazur

Design Director: Dan Beckett