Moto X


The Moto X was so customizable it was like making the phone yourself.

"Choose Choice"
Product Launch


The highly anticipated Moto X would let customers choose back color, front color, trim color case color and their own engraving. This customizability, paired with our overall branding of Motorola as being built by hand, led to an execution that imagines a customer building their own Moto X by hand.

We worked closely with our Motorola clients to re-invent a brand that prided itself on being made by people, not robots. To that end, we intended this launch to feel hand-crafted— like the phone.

The main launch video was shot in the outskirts of Mexico City by director Vesa Manninen of Reset Productions. Like all the productions we did with Motorola, this set was built practically, and the final video relied on very little VFX.

Several of these set builds (including the large machine connected to what appears to be a jet engine) we packed up and shipped to Motorola's head office in Chicago, where they were featured in their main entrance for the rest of the year.


Motorola correctly anticipated the demand for a phone that let customers express themselves at a time when all the competition offered either a white or black phone. This launch video was featured during the launch announcement, and nicely summarized all the ways that a customer had choice when it came to their new Moto X.

The Team

Sr. Art Director: Andrew Wilcox

Sr. Copywriter: Lincoln Boehm

Producer: David Cardinali

Director: Vesa Manninen

DP: Chris Mably

Editor: Shane Reid