Bose + Alexa


With Alexa now in headphones, eyeballs are liberated from screens.

"Don't Miss a Thing"
Product Integration


With the invention of Amazon's Alexa, we were introducing a new user interface— from GUI to VUI— or 'graphical user interface' to 'voice user interface.' With the announcement of Alexa functionality now being included in new Bose headphones, we saw an opportunity to celebrate exactly what the benefit of VUI is over GUI.

With Alexa now in your headphones, you can spend more time taking in the world around you, and less time staring down at your phone (your GUI).

What made this concept fun was the imagining of things that happen in the world around us that we wouldn't want to miss. The simple campaign line became "Don't miss a thing."

We partnered with director duo Alaska out of Buenos Aires. We shot in Montevideo, Uruguay— which afforded us enormous cost savings (including capturing a fully cop car chase scene directly in front Uruguay’s actual capital building).

Cutdowns of the main video were edited for use on social.

The prospect of capturing a shot of an escaped chicken on a busy city street, within a very tight shooting schedule, had us nervous for all the right reasons.

Huge props to Alaska for helping us visualize a very specific world, and capturing beautiful shots that were uncannily close to the original vision.


According to Ad Tracker in a campaign wrap-up, this work beat expectations across the board, particularly in 'Attention' (693 v. 636 expected) 'Desire' (631 v. 562 expected) and 'Change' (688 v. 618 expected).

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Co-Creative Director: Keri Zierler

Producer: Heath Ward

Producer (post): Seth Triezenberg

Directors: Alaska

DOP: Kate Arizmendi

Music: Walkin’ through by Emily Mover

Production Designer: Ceci Guerriero