Google Pixel


Life's a blur. Your memories don't have to be.

Feature Video


Apple's iPhone has long dominated the smartphone landscape, but Google Pixel was gaining ground rapidly thanks to a suite of cutting edge photo tools available exclusively on Pixel phones— from the magic eraser, to Real Tone, to the Unblur feature. The ask was to promote the unblur feature in a way that would resonate on a human level. It's technically amazing that Google can restore detail to images that wasn't there, but we knew the audience would care about "how" we did it. They needed to understand "why" we did it.

The real benefit of the unblur feature was in the preservation of your best memories... the ones that your capture on the move. Those are the real moments in between the moments.

This video is speculative and therefore confidential so please message me directly for access.

After we'd aligned on our concept, the next step was to collect thousands of photos. They needed to feel candid and real, not staged. We pulled some from the internet, but many came from our team.


This edit was a lot of fun. Working with a beautiful track, and establishing a complementary cadence of still images became such a powerful way to tell a broader story.

The Team

Creative Director (Art): Andrew Wilcox
Creative Director (Copy): Smith Henderson
Group Creative Director: John Dwight
Editor: Charles Muzard
Editor: Ryan Coopersmith
Producer: Paymon Parsia