Book That Is a Raincoat


A children's book that unfolds into a fully-functional raincoat.

Children's Book


The idea was conceived in a coffee shop in Brooklyn in 2015. While the idea was simple, the process of bringing this to life became incredibly complicated.

The story follows a main character (a drop of water) as he travels through the entire hydrological cycle, meeting interesting animals along the way. The intention was to educate kids on two things: where water comes from and that we all have much more going on on the inside than what might appear on the outside.

This passion project was a several year endeavor. I spent a considerable amount of my time and money bringing sketches on paper to reality.


Book That Is a Raincoat remains one of my favorite ideas, and one of my most frustrating failures. Why did it fail? What seemed like a simple idea turned out to be very complicated.

The two issues that led to the pause of the project in 2017 was the significant (and expensive) hurdles I encountered in securing a patent, and the irreconcilable disparity between a design that could effectively fold down into a square book and the ultimate comfort of the raincoat for the wearer.

I made the decision that this idea that belonged permanently hypothetical— but am still proud of it nonetheless.

The Team

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Paper Fold Design: Justina Yang

Illustrator: Dayoung Cho

Patent Attorney: Seth Rudin