Google Security


Demonstrate to Americans how seriously Google takes their security.

"Safer with Google"
Digital Video


This campaign highlighted the critical and fragile infrastructure that keeps America running. We set out to champion all the essential services, utilities, and tools that Americans have come to rely on due to Google’s industry-leading cybersecurity. 

Our message was simple: by stepping in where we can help most, Google will do its part to keep America growing, learning, and thriving, no matter the threats to our way of life. 

Video: America's vital infrastructure is Safer with Google

Video: America's elections are Safer with Google
(proof of concept - password provided on request)

Video: America's schools are Safer with Google
(proof of concept - password provided on request)

Cybersecurity is a complicated topic, and explaining it can quickly get overly technical, so we made sure to keep our story high-level. Our focus was on real Americans going about their real lives. Our objective was to create an honest portrait of American society today. How far we've come technologically— but how critical those systems are now to our way of life. This campaign is a reminder that Google is working hard in the background, 24/7, keeping America humming along.


This campaign ran on Google's YouTube channel as a part of a broader push to show American's that Google has their online safety top of mind, all the time.
Within a month these videos collectively had over 5 million views.

The Team

Creative Director (Art): Andrew Wilcox
Creative Director (Copy): Smith Henderson
Group Creative Director: John Dwight
Editor: Charles Muzard
Editor: Ryan Coopersmith
Producer: Paymon Parsia