Demonstrate how the metaverse transcends physical boundaries.

"Team Amani"
Integrated Campaign


I was fortunate to jump in as a freelance CD, joining a very talented team at Droga5, on a project that resonated with me personally because it combined my love of cycling and mixed reality tech.

Team Amani is a cycling team out of East Africa, which during the pandemic was quarantined like everyone else. So they resorted to training and competing on a popular virtual cycling platform at the time. Unexpectedly, with the barrier of distance removed, they quickly gained global notoriety with the impressive numbers they were putting up. D5 and Meta recognized a real-world example of how the metaverse 1.0 was already leveling the playing field for athletes around the world, and saw an opportunity to demonstrate how the near-future metaverse will remove more barriers and further connect us all.

The long-form video captures much of the backstory of Team Amani— where they came from, and what their ambitions are for the future. Shout out to Ben Muckensturm and Mike Hasinoff who carried much of the production in Africa, and the edit on-site in London (in partnership with the editor Dominic Leung, and the directors  ILLIMITEWORLD and Daniel Wolfe). And cheers to Ted Meyer, my partner CD and lead writer on the project.

This being a project for Meta, we created a large array of social assets for the campaign. Many combined shots from the longer-form videos (especially future-visions of the metaverse) as well as additional shots that were more applicable to social environments.

In addition to the IG Reels examples above, we also created :15s & :06s OLVs, IG Polls and Carousels (video and static).

The shots we got for this production were stunning, thanks in part to a number of elaborate camera rigs created by Tony Hill films.


This campaign was all about building awareness during a crucial pivot in Meta's business direction. It was not about generating sales. Meta has taken a big bet with its shift towards the metaverse, and this campaign represented the latest in the company's strong POV on how the metaverse will bring us all together— at time in the US when we were feeling particularly divided.

The Team

Directors: ILLIMITEWORLD and Daniel Wolfe

Editors: Dominic Leung and Matthew Blacklock

VFX: Dan Williams and team (The Mill London)

Color: Simon Bourne (Company 3)

Music: Sunny Kapoor

Mix: Barking Owl

CCO: Tim Gordon and Scott Bell

ECD: Thom Glover

Creative Director: Ted Meyer

Creative Director: Jason Gold

Creative Director: Andrew Wilcox

Art Director: Ben Muckensturm

Exec. Producer: Mike Hasinoff

Producer: Scotty Shuckies